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You can contact the Animateur project support via email, text message, phone call, or the above enquiry form.

Call 01872 672112 to leave a message about your project idea. 

Text 07534580450 with your name, project theme and size of vessel


Whatever your preferred communication method please give us as much information as possible about you and your project idea and we will get in contact with you within 5 working days. 

EMFF project checklist - There is a required checklist for all project applications. Only you can collect this mandatory information. Please click on the checklist button to understand what you need to collect before submitting your project. 

Project enquiry form - If you want to download and print a project enquiry form for your own project, or someone else in your community, then please click the below button. Share these with your fellow fishing community members and either email them to us, or send in the post. 

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