Useful Links

Marine Management Organisation  

The Marine Management Organisation are the managing authority for EMFF in England. All guidance notes and application process for the EMFF can be found here.

Welsh Government

EMFF grant funding guidance notes and application paperwork for Welsh fishermen, fisherman's associations, processors, harbours and fishing businesses.


The National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations (NFFO) 

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) exists to provide a voice for fishermen, irrespective of where on the coast they are based or the size of the vessel they operate. Given the scope of government to influence the conditions under which fishing vessels operate, it is vital that fishing vessels operators are able to ensure that their voice is heard and that they unite to ensure that their voice is heard clearly. The NFFO takes pride in the diversity of its membership, reflecting the diversity of the UK fleet. The organisation is run along democratic lines through an Executive Committee on which all the main regional and sectoral groupings have an equal voice.


Safety Folder

The Safety Folder is a free service offered to the UK fishing industry to improve safety management and make it easier to meet legal requirements. Supported by the NFFO, Scottish Fishermen's Federation and the Welsh Fisherman's Association.

SAIL is a free telephone advice service available to all seafarers and their families across the UK. It’s run by Greenwich Citizens Advice Bureaux on behalf of the Seafarers Hospital Society and funded in partnership with Seafarers UK and Seafarers' Hospital Society.

Seafarers Advice & Information Line (SAIL)

Fishermen's Mission 

The Fishermen’s Mission reaches out to both active and retired fishermen by providing practical, spiritual and financial support – as well as a vital emergency response service.

We’re the only national charity that works solely to help fishermen and their families, and for over 130 years of service, the Fishermen’s Mission has stayed true to our Christian calling with a strong tradition and proud heritage.

Welsh Fishermen's Association

The Welsh Fisherman’s Association is recognised as the national representative body of the Welsh fishing industry.

We are managed by a board of members from the regional Welsh fishermen’s associations:

South and West Wales Fishing Communities Ltd

Cardigan Bay Fisherman’s Association Ltd

Llŷn Pot Fishermen’s Association

Llyn Fisherman’s Association

North Wales Fishermen’s Co-operative

Scottish Fishermen's Federation

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation plays an active role in advancing the interests of Scottish fishermen at national and international levels by lobbying government officials in Edinburgh, London and Brussels. The Federation also plays a key role in helping to inform: fisheries science; the management of the marine environment; inshore fisheries management; marine spatial planning; marine safety regulations and industry recruitment and training programmes.

The Federation umbrella covers eight geographical/sectoral constituent associations representing around 400 vessels from inshore creel boats to pelagic trawlers.