Health and safety projects are split into two categories:


Modernising your vessel to improve working conditions, crew comfort and safety. Typical projects under this theme are as follows:

Raising gunnels and adding safety rails to reduce risk of man overboard

Improvements to your deck and hatches to reduce water intake, as well as non slip surfacing

Protection from weather - this could be a shelter deck, or addition/modernisation of a wheelhouse

Additional storage space (e.g. whaleback, net pound) to create improved deck and working space

Net flakers and net bins to store gear safely and off the deck


Personal safety items to improve individual safety when at sea

Personal floatation devices and personal locator beacons

Personal protective equipment (waterproofs, boots, bib and brace)

Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon (EPIRB)

Life raft

DSC radio

Care of the catch has never been more important. Equipping yourself with the necessary items to ensure your catch is kept at a premium quality from catching to landing to selling will ensure you fetch the best prices for your work.

Improving catch quality

Typical projects to enable you to add value to catch would be:

Insulated fish tubs and fish boxes

Ice machines (onboard and onshore)

Cold storage

Adding value and shortening the supply chain

As well as the above there is an opportunity for fishers to process their own catch to add value, as well as shortening the supply chain and selling catch direct. There have been a number of cases that have seen groups of fishermen work collectively to sell volumes of fish to restaurants, fish mongers, hotels and pubs, as well as straight off the boat to tourists.

Shellfish boiler / steamer

Stainless steel tables



Vacuum packer

Gutting and filleting machinery

EMFF will support you fitting out a store, packing and processing space to be able to add value, pack and distribute your catch direct to buyers. As Animateurs we can also help you with the process to become a registered buyer and seller of first sale fish. 

Many harbours are using dated infrastructure and equipment to land fish and support fishing vessels access the water, as well as basic storage facilities for catch, gear and vessels. The Animateur project can support the modernisation of fishing harbours, ports and coves by writing grant applications, business cases, costing projects and helping with any licences and planning permissions that are necessary on the way.    

Typical items that would benefit your harbour and fishing businesses are as follows:

Landing davits (cranes)

Winches to retrieve vessels

Lighting for improving safety during low light hours

Stores for fishing gear, cold storage for catch, storage racking for net bins

Ice machines

Fuel bunkers


Mobile infrastructure (forklifts and tractors) to move heavy goods (gear and catch) around the harbour area

Ladders for easy access on and off vessels

All of these items are eligible for EMFF and you can apply either as a harbour or a fishermen's association.